Michelle Thomas, MSc, MD, FACS

A practice of general surgery since 1997.

Michelle Thomas, MSc, MD, FACS

A practice of general surgery since 1997.




Per Alaska statute 18.23.400 listed below are the top 10 procedures most commonly performed by Dr. Michelle Thomas from all six sections of the Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) guidelines for calendar year 2020. This list is also available on the state of Alaska Department of Health and Social Services website at www.dhss.alaska.gov.

The prices reflected in this list are the undiscounted prices. Please note that the undiscounted prices may be higher or lower than the amount an individual actually pays for the health care services described in the list.  The prices listed below do not include fees charged by other providers including but not limited to pre-op testing, facility fees, anesthesia and pathology when related to a surgical procedure performed by Dr. Thomas.

You will be provided with a verbal or written estimate of Dr.Thomas’s anticipated charges for your nonemergency care upon request. Please do not hesitate to ask for information.

Dr. Thomas is a contracted or “in-network” provider with the following insurance companies as of January 31, 2021: Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, United Healthcare, MODA, Cigna, Medicare, Alaska Medicaid, VA/TriWest, and Tricare.



99202: New patient-expanded exam



99203: New patient – detailed exam low complexity



99204: New patient – moderate complexity



99205: detailed exam, high complexity



99212: Established patient – focused exam



99213: Established patient – expanded exam



99214: Established patient – detailed exam



99215: Established patient – detailed exam – high complexity



99243: New patient consult – detailed exam low complexity



99244: New patient consult – comprehensive exam moderate complexity





47562: Minimally invasive (laparoscopic/robotic) removal of the gallbladder



47563: Minimally invasive (laparoscopic/robotic) removal of the gallbladder with examination of the common bile duct.



49585: Open repair of the hernia in belly button



49650: Minimally invasive repair of hernia in the groin – one side only.



49652: Minimally invasive repair of a hernia in the upper abdominal wall. Not strangulated or recurrent.



49653: Minimally invasive repair of a strangulated hernia in the upper abdominal wall.



49421: Open placement of peritoneal dialysis catheter.



49422: Removal of peritoneal dialysis catheter



60220: Surgical removal of one lobe (one half) of thyroid gland.



60240: Surgical removal of both lobes (entire) thyroid gland.



60500: Surgical exploration of four parathyroid glands, with removal of abnormal one(s).




No codes to report.



No codes to report.



No codes to report.



No codes to report.

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